Preparing your HVAC System for Spring

Winter’s chill may still be in the air, but spring will soon blossom with warmer temperatures. It’s possible for temperatures to become downright hot at times, which will prompt you to turn on the air conditioning. Your HVAC system, however, requires some care before you start running it on a consistent basis. Prepare your system right now with a few tips from the experts.

Move the Obstacles

During the winter, you may have stacked items indoors as the holidays and relatives arrived. Some of these piles can be in front of air-conditioning vents. Take a moment to clear out the clutter as spring approaches. Remove all obstacles from the exhaust and air-intake vents. Allowing the obstacles to remain in place will only force the system to work harder, and it might fail as a result. Air should move easily between rooms as the system filters and conditions it.

Replace the Filter

A top priority for any HVAC system is a clean filter. Open up the filter door, slide it out and inspect the exterior. Filters that are discolored with dust, such as a light to dark-grey hue, should be replaced. Dust becomes a barrier to air over time, which ultimately harms your system. Consider a reusable filter that can be rinsed. They might be more expensive, but you won’t need to replace them for a long time.

Hire the Professionals

Although you might be well versed in appliance care, nothing can replace the benefits of a professional’s visit. Hire a reputable professional to inspect your HVAC system. Professionals use measurement tools and cast experienced eyes on your components so that they operate as if they’re brand new again. They’ll often clean out the interior and exterior units of dust and debris that builds up over time as well.

Swap Out Thermostats

Springtime is a perfect season to update your HVAC system. The simplest change is adding a programmable thermostat. These electronic devices control the system’s heating and cooling processes with advanced features. You might also have access to remote controls, such as through WiFi connections. Adding a new thermostat to the household can also increase the home’s energy efficiency, which saves you money in the long run.

Consider a Refrigerant Check

The refrigerant is the liquid component within your HVAC system that continually cools the home. If you noticed poor operations last year, such as warm air being produced, ask a professional to check the refrigerant level. Older systems may need a refrigerant recharge. This common practice gives the system a boost while preserving its operations. The home should feel cooler in a faster amount of time when you turn on the air conditioning.

Use all of your senses when you first turn on the HVAC system in the spring. If you hear or see any unusual issues occur around your interior or exterior units, it’s time to call the professionals. Every system should have a slight hum, but with smooth operations throughout. With diligent observations, the system can last for many years ahead.


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