How You Benefit from an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Heating and cooling equipment in your home accounts for about half of your annual energy costs. In addition, your HVAC system goes through a lot of heavy usage, meaning it must be maintained regularly. While many homeowners know the importance of preventive maintenance, some are unaware of the benefits that an annual HVAC maintenance contract can provide.

HVAC maintenance plans offer a wealth of advantages for you, as a customer and for the mechanical parts of your central heating and cooling system. It is easy to dismiss the importance of these plans in the spring and fall when neither part of your system gets much usage, however, getting a tune-up now on a maintenance plan is just what your HVAC system needs. Here are the benefits.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Continued use of your HVAC system results in a decline in efficiency over time. A regular maintenance program will keep your equipment running at peak performance. At the same time, you'll benefit from lower utility bills and increased annual energy savings. On average, your system will lose approximately five percent of its energy efficiency for each year it misses maintenance. By getting annual maintenance, your heating and air conditioning will run at 95 percent efficiency for most of its usable life.

You'll Never Forget to Schedule Maintenance

With an annual spring and fall maintenance plan, you'll receive reminders that it's time for inspection and maintenance. These friendly reminders will increase the lifespan of your equipment as regular cleaning will remove dirt, dust and grime that lead to early burnout and failure.

Greater Reliability

Twice yearly inspections will alert you to failures that are about to happen, thus making your equipment more reliable. While maintenance won't prevent all problems, you'll spend less on replacement and component change-outs and have less of a chance of a breakdown necessitating emergency service on the hottest or coldest days of the year. Maintenance by a technician who is familiar with your system will also make you aware of when it is approaching the end of its useful life, thus allowing you to better plan for replacement.

Additional Benefits

The cleaner your HVAC system is, the better the air quality will be in your home, which is a boon for those with respiratory problems. Having an annual maintenance contract also puts you to the front of the line when an emergency does arise. You'll also get a discount on repairs, no overtime charges and a guarantee on parts. What are you waiting for? Isn't it time you did yourself a favor and got an HVAC maintenance plan?


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