Three Reasons to Get Your Air Conditioner Checked Before it Gets Too Hot

Now that spring is upon us, summer will be here before you know it. And don't you just love coming home after a long, hot day, expecting a cool home but finding a hot and muggy mess is not what you expected. But, after a long, hot summer, your air conditioner has been working overtime. If not cared for properly, the unit can overheat. This is why it is so very important for you to seek maintenance to ensure your air conditioner will be running efficiently before the summer heat is upon us.

Air Filter

The air filter on your air conditioning unit helps protect your air conditioner from dirt, debris, and pollutants. When it's covered in dirt, however, the filter cannot do its job. The dirty filter will block the airflow to the home's ducts, forcing the air conditioner to run longer and work harder. Eventually, the air conditioner will break down or overheat.

The simple solution: Once a month, change your air filter. If you have a service technician come in before summer starts, he can ensure that the air filter is clean and ready to go.

Condenser Coils

The air conditioner condenser coils are tubes filled with refrigerant, running through the air conditioner's outside unit. If the coils are dirty, your air conditioner must run longer and work harder, subsequently causing the unit to overheat.

The solution: Clean the outside unit with a coil cleaning spray, or contact a professional air conditioner service before summer is here.

Low Refrigerant

Similar to the above issue, your air conditioner will run consistently if your unit is low on refrigerant, causing it to overheat. The solution: Look for signs of low refrigerant, including the home not cooling as quickly as it used to, the air conditioner has a difficult time cooling the home on extremely hot days, or if the outside unit is covered in ice.


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