Three Most Common Heat Pump Issues

It's still hot outside, but fall and winter are right around the corner. Be ready for the cool weather by knowing what heat pump isses to be on the look out for.

Compressor issues – the compressor is the part of your heat pump that turns the refrigerant gas from the evaporator back into a liquid. The liquid then circulates through the rest of the heat pump and pulls heat from inside your home to deposit it back outside. If your heat pump is using more energy than usual, doesn’t turn on properly, or isn’t working as effectively as it should, you may have an issue with your compressor.

Refrigerant leaks – your heat pump doesn’t consume refrigerant as it runs. So if you have a low refrigerant charge, there’s a problem! A low refrigerant charge basically means you have a refrigerant leak, which for environmental and health reasons should be repaired immediately. How can you tell if you have a leak? Look for the common warning signs—a spike in your energy bills, inefficient heating and, possibly, a strange odor around the unit.

Frozen coils/condenser – it might seem strange, but your heat pump coils (and in rare cases, even the condenser) can ice up, even on the hottest days of summer! This is most commonly caused by blocked air vents or registers—clogged filters are usually to blame. If your heat pump stops working, check the filters and make sure they’re clear. To be safe, make sure you change your filters often—if the problem goes unnoticed, it could cause major damage to your heat pump!

At Airmax Heating and Cooling, we’ve seen just about every heat pump problem that could possibly exist. If you need service for your heat pump, including inspection, repair, or replacement, call us or contact us online today!


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