Airmax Heating & Cooling Product | XR401-TCONT401


Digital Thermostats - Trane

Let a Trane non-programmable thermostat take care of your home's comfort. So you can relax and enjoy the day or night any time of the year.

  • Digital display with filter change reminder
  • Automatic change from heat to cool
  • Non-programmable

Every Trane Thermostat is packed with high-quality components. Each helps ensure that time after time, your unit will provide total comfort your family can rely on. The non-programmable includes:

  • Heat/Off/Cool System Switch
  • Automatic change from heat to cool
  • Auto/On Fan Switch
  • Digital Display
  • Five-minute time delay for compressor protection
  • Adjustable Heating Cycle Rate
  • Filter change reminder

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