5 Common Heat Pump Mistakes To Avoid in Carolina Beach, NC

More homeowners than ever are turning to heat pumps to heat and cool their homes. However, heat pumps do not work the same way as most conventional HVAC systems. To help with that, here are five common heat pump mistakes and how to avoid them in Carolina Beach, NC.

1. Leaving Your Heat Pump Set to Auto

Most heat pumps have an automatic operation mode designed to offer homeowners a set-it-and-forget-it climate control option. Yet, using it all the time is not a great idea. It does not work like the auto function on a conventional HVAC system thermostat.

Unlike conventional air conditioning systems, heat pumps offer heating and cooling functionality in a single unit. When you put one in auto mode, it may alternate between the two modes to maintain your desired temperature. This happens most often in the spring and fall when daily temperatures can vary by quite a bit. That will use more energy than necessary and raise your electric bills significantly.

2. Lowering the Temperature at Night

With conventional heating systems, lowering your thermostat by a few degrees at night saves you money. By doing this, your furnace will not have to switch on as often overnight, thus saving energy.

If you do the same thing with a heat pump, it will cost you more money instead. Heat pumps do not produce air that’s nearly as hot as a furnace does. When you turn the temperature back up each day, your heat pump must work overtime to accommodate it.

Heat pumps work best when you set a comfortable temperature and then leave your thermostat alone. They will run exactly as much as necessary to keep you comfortable.

3. Not Cleaning Around Your Outdoor Unit

Another common mistake some owners make with their heat pumps is failing to clean around their outdoor unit. The outdoor unit of a heat pump is the component responsible for capturing heat from the outside air. If covered with debris or otherwise obstructed, it cannot function properly.

To avoid that problem, it’s a good idea to clean up the area around a heat pump’s outdoor unit periodically. As long as the airspace surrounding the unit stays clear, the heat pump will work as intended.

4. Setting Your Thermostat Too High

Unlike conventional heating systems, heat pumps do not generate extremely hot air. Instead, they use a steady stream of warm air to heat your home gradually. That often drives homeowners to turn up their thermostats, thinking they will get hotter air from their heat pump.

In reality, however, the temperature of the air coming from your heat pump won’t increase when you do this. All that will happen is that your heat pump will run longer to reach the temperature you’ve set. It’ll cost you more money in electricity, and you won’t feel any more comfortable.

5. Not Maintaining Your Heat Pump

The final mistake that heat pump owners sometimes make is not keeping up with their heat pump’s maintenance schedule. Heat pumps are precision machines that deliver high-efficiency heating and cooling. However, if you don’t maintain them well, they gradually lose efficiency, costing you money in the process.

A simple part of the maintenance is changing the air filter regularly, usually every one to three months. A clogged air filter will cause your heat pump to work harder to maintain airflow and reduce indoor air quality.

The same thing can happen if you neglect to keep your return and supply registers clean. Before long, the dirt that builds up there will end up in your ductwork and your heat pump’s air filter. You should also schedule a professional maintenance visit once or twice every year to keep everything working efficiently.

If you avoid these common heat pump mistakes detailed here, you’ll reap the greatest benefits from yours. Or, if your home doesn’t have a heat pump yet, perhaps you’re now ready to make the switch to one. If so, contact Airmax Heating & Cooling to inquire about heat pump installation for your Carolina Beach, NC, home.

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