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Did you know that the EPA has stated that indoor air is typically five to nine times more polluted than outdoor air? Living with poor indoor air quality is an issue for family members who suffer from allergies or asthma. Airmax Heating & Cooling provide quality indoor air quality services to customers in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding areas.

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Problems Due to Poor Air Quality

Poor indoor quality can cause you and your family nasal congestion, headaches, nausea, and even fatigue. You can purchase indoor air quality products to help eliminate indoor air particulates.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

If you’re experiencing indoor air quality issues in your home, we offer the following products to make your air easier to breathe:

  • Air Purifier: Also called an air cleaner, air purifiers are installed in a return duct line. As air goes through the air handler unit, the device filters out pollution. Air purifiers vary depending on the type of device and its size. If you've been holding your breath for cleaner air, then you need an air purifier system to trap and kill bacteria, viruses, and other indoor pollutants.
  • Humidifiers: During the winter the air can be irritating. When the humidity drops too low, you may experience a sore throat, chapped lips, itchy skin, and sinus problems. Output humidifiers create steam which is dispersed into the ductwork. Fan-powered humidifiers blow moisture directly into your ductwork.
  • Ventilators: Is your air stale? Ventilators bring fresh air into your home without wasting energy. They capture the temperature of the stale indoor air and swap it out for fresh outdoor air.

If you are ready for healthier indoor air, then contact Airmax Heating & Cooling to have one of the above products installed in your home by one of our service technicians.

Why You Need an Air Cleaner Professionally Installed

  • Health Benefits: Being exposed to poor air quality can cause a number of adverse health issues. People with asthma and other respiratory problems need to breathe air free of pollutants.
  • Keeps Your Home Clean: No matter how much you sweep and clean, there is always a thin layer of dust hanging around. But when you have an air purifier installed, it reduces the amount of dust and dirt in your house, and it keeps your house cleaner.
  • Extend the Life of Your HVAC System: A buildup of dust, dirt, and debris is one of the worst things that can happen to an HVAC system. It puts stress on your HVAC which causes it to run inefficiently and wear out faster.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Today

If you want to take the steps to improve your indoor air quality, call Airmax Heating & Cooling today. We’re a dependable indoor air quality contractor and look forward to solving your indoor air quality issues. Our service area includes Wilmington, Hampstead, Leland, Wrightsville Beach, NC and the surrounding areas.

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