5 Signs Your AC Is About to Quit in Wilmington, NC

Many would agree that there’s just no way to endure the summer heat without a functioning AC. No one wants their air conditioner to suddenly collapse on them in the middle of a sweltering day in Wilmington, NC. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, here are five indications that your AC might be on the verge of giving out.

1. Your Unit Is More Than a Decade Old

Air conditioning units are usually not built to last for more than 10 – 15 years. This applies to ductless mini splits and portable systems as well as to traditional central ACs. After about 10 years of regular service, and absolutely after 15, you should start preparing to replace your unit.

Obviously, time and use wear down all electronic and mechanical components. Any of these parts might rust, come loose, accrue debris or lose lubrication. The result will be a decline in your unit’s performance, which, if it gets bad enough, will cause a total breakdown.

2. Your Unit Starts Needing Repairs More and More Frequently

It’s entirely normal for your AC to need repairs every so often since nothing can function perfectly forever. Typically, however, your unit should work normally after a trained HVAC technician has repaired it. If you’ve just had it fixed and find yourself needing to call someone again shortly thereafter, it means your unit might be on its last legs.

If you notice this happening, we highly recommend that you call us to install a new air conditioning unit for you. Not only will you save money in the long run on repair costs, but you’ll also save on energy costs. Newer units, after all, are generally more efficient.

3. Your Energy Bills Suddenly Skyrocket

If your energy bills balloon suddenly and without explanation, a declining AC unit may be the reason. While that isn’t guaranteed to be the explanation, it’s a likely culprit. To be completely certain, we recommend calling an HVAC technician to inspect your unit.

An old, damaged or dirty AC unit will struggle to perform normally. In an effort to cool your home satisfactorily, it may use significantly more energy than it did previously. This could be the cause of your exploding energy bills.

4. Your Unit Starts Leaking

Usually, if your AC unit starts to leak, the leaking substance is either water or refrigerant. A water leak may point to serious underlying issues with your unit, but it’s generally less concerning than a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak, on the other hand, is more alarming and demands immediate professional action.

Refrigerant circulates through your AC system, absorbs heat from indoor air and transfers that heat outdoors. It does this because your AC’s evaporator and condenser coils alternately transform the refrigerant from gaseous to liquid form as it circulates. Refrigerant should never leak.

Moreover, if you inhale leaking refrigerant, you may experience nausea, headaches, difficulty breathing and other more severe symptoms. Therefore, it’s important to call a professional and stop refrigerant leaks as soon as possible after they happen. Refrigerant typically smells somewhat sweet, like the coolant in your car.

Water leaks, on the other hand, usually indicate that your AC unit’s evaporator coil has frozen. If your air filters are dirty, leading to poor airflow, a frozen coil may be the ultimate result.

5. Poor Airflow

Your AC relies on the smooth flow of air to function. If air flows poorly through the system, performance suffers as a consequence. There are a few causes of poor airflow.

One possible cause is that your air filters are dirty or clogged. This is relatively easy to fix. You can simply change your filters.

A second possibility is that your ductwork is dirty. A professional duct cleaning is the way to deal with this.

Yet another possible cause may have its roots in your unit’s air handler. If the unit’s fan isn’t working properly, it may need replacement.

The issues leading to poor airflow may not indicate on their own that your AC is about to break down. However, if these problems occur in tandem with others, you may need to prepare for the worst.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, then it might be time to replace your old AC unit with a new one. For the best consultation and AC installation services in Wilmington, NC, call Airmax Heating & Cooling today.

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