Clearing Up 5 Myths About Ductless Mini-Splits in Leland, NC

Ductless mini-splits are an excellent home comfort option this winter for homeowners in Leland, NC who want power in a compact package. Sadly, a few myths about how these systems work and what they can do prevent many people from giving them due attention. Clearing up these five common myths about ductless systems allows you to make an educated decision about adding one of these systems to your home.

1. Only Possible to Install in New Homes

If you’re considering switching from a traditional central HVAC system to a ductless mini-split, your first concern probably relates to installation. You may assume that your traditional system’s ductwork makes ductless installation difficult or impossible.

Installing a mini-split isn’t difficult, even if you already have a central HVAC system. The mini-split’s air handler and other indoor components are small and easy to fit where you need them. You can even keep your old furnace around as a backup heating system in case something goes wrong.

2. Intricate and Difficult Maintenance

While the size and portability of mini-splits are advantageous, you may suspect that they also carry drawbacks. Specifically, you may have concerns that mini-splits are relatively fragile and that repairing and maintaining them is difficult work.

While mini-splits need regular maintenance and repairs just like other types of HVAC systems do, such work doesn’t present anything that a skilled professional can’t handle. As long as you remember to schedule maintenance at least once per year and have technicians repair the system whenever you find problems, it is an excellent heating and cooling option.

3. Short Service Life

Worries about mini-splits’ fragility may also cause you to suspect that they just won’t last as long as other types of HVAC systems can. Don’t fret over this. As long as you remember to repair and maintain it, the typical mini-split can function well for about 20 years, which makes it comparable to a central HVAC system.

4. Unintended Consequences of Zoning

Many will often tout zone-specific heating and cooling (without the need for extra equipment) as one of the key advantages of a ductless HVAC system. This is the ability to divide your home into several different zones — each possibly as small as only a single room — and create separate heating and cooling for each zone. This is especially useful if your home has different amounts of insulation in different areas, some rooms are rarely used, or if the people living with you each have different temperature preferences.

However, some mistakenly believe that this ability raises the risk that ductless mini-splits will heat your home unevenly when you don’t want them to. In reality, though, you can install multiple units throughout your home and program each thermostat to generate the same temperature.

5. They Struggle in Cold Climates

There are several reasons why people assume that ductless mini-splits struggle in extremely cold climates. Since all the air comes from the indoor units that you strategically place in your home, you may assume that when it’s extremely cold, only those areas will get adequate heat. Additionally, a look at the size of ductless systems leads many to believe that they simply can’t keep up with extreme temperatures.

There used to be some truth to this claim, but heat pump technology has come a long way since they were first introduced to the market, so it’s no longer the case. Contemporary heat pumps — including mini-splits that can both heat and cool — have special heat strips that allow them to generate extra heat when the air outside is just too cold. Moreover, they have variable-speed compressors that allow them to easily maintain a consistently comfortable temperature inside whether it’s hot or cold outside.

You don’t need a massive duct network to be able to enjoy excellent heating and home comfort this winter. Now that you have a better idea of what ductless mini-splits are all about, you may well decide that these systems suit your needs. Call Airmax Heating & Cooling in Leland, NC to find out more about our ductless services.

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