Guide to Understanding Why Your Air Quality is Poor in Kure Beach, NC

During winter in Kure Beach, NC, keeping your windows closed keeps chilly air out of your home, but it can trap bacteria, viruses and other indoor pollutants inside. There are many sources of pollutants in your home, but there are also options to improve your indoor air quality that won’t waste energy or leave you in the cold.

Polluted Air

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder found that common household activities, such as cooking and cleaning, can create a level of air pollution in your home that is equal to the pollution found in the air of major cities.

The EPA attributes poor indoor air quality to short-term health effects such as fatigue and headaches, and long-term illnesses, including cancer, heart, and respiratory diseases.

Biological Pollutants

Pollen is one natural source of air pollution in our homes and a common cause of seasonal allergies. Data from the North Carolina Division of Air Quality shows spikes in airborne pollen spores at the end of winter, spring and fall produced by trees, grasses and weeds.

Pets can also be a source of biological pollutants by shedding or bringing dirt and bacteria into your home. Even humans can unwittingly bring home bacteria or viruses from the outdoors.

Chemical Pollutants

According to the CDC, key chemical pollutants in American homes include carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pesticides. Common activities such as cooking on gas stoves, using gas-powered space heaters or having an improperly functioning furnace can create carbon monoxide in your home.

Per the CDC, volatile organic compounds exist in an array of cleaning products, cosmetics, aerosol sprays and even dry-cleaned clothing. Many of these compounds can cause congenital disorders, childhood leukemia and cancer in pets.

The CDC cites that 75% of U.S. households use pesticides at least once per year and in Kure Beach, NC, it’s often necessary to spray in or around your home to deter bugs and mosquitos. However, they state that even the organic compounds in pesticides can result in liver damage and an increased risk of developing cancer. Even if pesticides are only sprayed in outdoor areas, particles can enter your home through the air.

The Benefits of Installing an Air Purifier

In-duct air purifiers, installed directly into your HVAC system, filter the air as it passes through the air handler unit before pumping it back into your home. These air cleaners filter the air within your entire home, unlike portable air filters, which can only clean the air in a single room. In addition to improving indoor air quality, air purifiers can also reduce unpleasant smells in your home and environmental pollutants that trigger allergies and asthma.

Using a Ventilator to Bring Fresh Air Into Your Home

If you want to bring fresh air into your home during the winter but don’t want your heat to escape, a ventilator may be the right choice for you. Ventilators trap heat from the air within your home before releasing the stale air outside. Then, they draw in fresh air, using the captured heat to bring new air to room temperature.

Fighting Dry Winter Air With a Humidifier

As the temperature drops during the winter months, so does the humidity in the air. This can lead to dry, itchy skin, sinus problems or a sore throat. Output and fan-powered humidifiers increase the humidity in your entire home by introducing moisture through your ductwork. These also operate more effectively than portable units, which only serve specific rooms of your home.

Contact Us to Learn More

Contact Airmax Heating & Cooling to learn more about the many factors that affect your indoor air quality. With decades of experience, our technicians can provide expert advice and information on all the options you have to improve the air quality in your home.

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