How to Maximize Your Ductless Mini-Split System in Wilmington, NC

Increased efficiency and minimal maintenance have many homeowners installing ductless mini-split systems at an increasing pace. These systems are a great way to make your home more efficient and comfortable, but they need care and maintenance to function at peak performance. Here are six tips on maximizing your ductless mini-split system in Wilmington, NC.

Maintain Your Outdoor Unit

During the winter, snow and ice can obstruct the cooling coils and reduce your system’s efficiency. This eventually leads to decreasing temperatures inside your home since the unit uses the heating energy to defrost.

To prevent this problem, brush the snow off your outdoor unit regularly and check the coils. A better alternative is to install your unit a foot or two above the ground. This provides more clearance for the cooling coils and prevents snow and ice from accumulating.

Make Use of the Sun’s Heat

The sun is an excellent heat source and can help warm your home and save on utility bills. Open your curtains on the windows facing south during the day, and then close them when the sun goes down. This will help heat your home without wasting power during the night.

Maintain Your Ductless Mini-Split System Regularly

Maintaining your mini-split system regularly is one of the best ways to maximize energy efficiency. This means more savings on utility bills and fewer repairs on your part. Here are two quick tips on how to take care of your mini split:

  • Clean and dry the air filter regularly, or replace it
  • Maintain a clean environment around the unit. Check for anything close to the inner or exterior unit that might obstruct ventilation

Additionally, have an HVAC maintenance service check the system annually to ensure it operates smoothly. If your mini split is freezing or not heating, it’s also time for a professional inspection.

Set the Temperature on Auto Mode

You’ll first need to pick the temperature that best suits your needs. You should set the temperature higher than usual because a mini split measures temperature closer to the ceiling due to its position. Furthermore, the system will select the most efficient fan speed for the best comfort and energy savings based on the room’s temperature.

Ensure Proper Size and Placement

The size of your mini-split system will determine how efficient it is. Additionally, the speed at which your system cools and heats and the distance between the indoor and outdoor units will determine how fast or slow your system cycles.

Heating or cooling equipment that’s too small will overwork the system. This shortens the system’s life and implies it may not be able to provide enough warm or cold air. On the other hand, when an HVAC system is too large for your home or office, you may pay a lot of money for the energy you don’t need.

Sizing correctly entails measuring the size of the space you want to heat or cool and determining the capacity of the mini split required to manage that area. Given the high expenditure, a qualified HVAC specialist should carry out this process.

A mini split is quite effective during the winter and provides almost instant heating.

Contact Airmax Heating & Cooling for various HVAC services. We are ready to help you with your heating or cooling needs.

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