3 Benefits of Investing in Trane Wireless Thermostats

Most homeowners want to make HVAC system upgrades that enhance indoor comfort and help reduce monthly bills. A Trane thermostat is an upgrade that lets you manage energy usage and conveniently adjust temperatures in your Brunswick County, NC, home. Here are some other ways you can benefit from using Trane wireless thermostats.

Program Your Thermostat for Comfort and Energy Savings

Your temperature preferences change throughout the day, so you need a thermostat that is in sync with them. A Trane wireless thermostat comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen control that lets you set your preferred daily temperature schedule. For instance, you could set a temperature of a cozy 70 degrees Fahrenheit when waking up and a cool 64 degrees when going to sleep at night.

The device allows you to set heating and cooling schedules to save energy when you are not home. Additionally, the thermostat is adaptive in that it learns your preferences and automatically adjusts temperature settings.


With a Trane wireless zoning system, you can have several thermostats installed at different points of your home. These various thermostats allow you to customize temperature settings for different rooms using the same HVAC system. For instance, the basements can have low temperatures when not in use, while the living room has higher temperatures.

Control Temperature from Anywhere

The Trane wireless thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can monitor and control temperature settings from anywhere. Using an app on devices such as laptops and smartphones, you can remotely connect to your thermostat. This ability gives you the power to adjust comfort from any room or even across the county.

The system enables you to monitor other parts of your Brunswick County, NC, home too. By adding several sensors and connecting to a smart system, you control much more than comfort on your mobile device. Compatible devices may include:

  • TVs and appliances
  • Motion detectors and security cameras
  • Windows covers and lights
  • Sirens
  • Gas and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Locks, doors and garage remotes
  • Water detection devices

Call Airmax Heating & Cooling today for more information about high-performance home automatic zoning systems. We believe that a Trane wireless thermostat will benefit you with seamless connectivity and convenience. Contact our team of professional HVAC specialists for a consultation.

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