3 Common Air Conditioning Odors and What They Mean

The HVAC system in your home is one of the most significant factors to your comfort. HVAC caters to the heating, cooling and air conditioning needs of your loved ones in Wilmington, NC. Here are air conditioning odors you should look out for and what they mean.

Electrical-Related Odors

Your AC system powers up and runs through electrical means. One familiar odor associated with HVAC is the smell of something overheating or plastic burning. Most times, your feeling is correct and the HVAC system is generating a lot of heat.

Overheating is a classic sign of your system straining to function or overworking. The underlying problem could be a dirty air filter, so it’s important to clean your filters regularly. If your air filters were recently cleaned, switch off the AC and reach out to professionals for a checkup or necessary repairs.

Rotten Egg Smell

Some critters such as rodents and lizards may seek shelter in your HVAC’s ductwork. At times, they end up trapped and die in your AC’s indoor unit. That leads to a strong, unpleasant rotten egg smell in your home.

Another possible cause of the rotten egg smell could be a gas leak. Natural gas lacks an odor; however, gas providers instill a pungent aroma to create awareness of a leak. If the smell is too strong, turn off your AC and call for professional help to prioritize your safety.

Musty Smell

Smells originating from biological growth are probably the most common scents associated with your HVAC. Condensation is a necessary process that occurs in your AC unit. When moisture fails to drain off, it can lead to a stale and foul smell.

During the summer when temperatures are hot and humid, filters can also accumulate moisture. Cleaning and drying your air filters or upgrading your AC can erase this smell.

Your HVAC odor means you urgently need to have a professional check its functionality. Call our experts here at Airmax Heating & Cooling for your cleaning and maintenance needs.

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