3 HVAC Issues Caused by Outdated Thermostats in Pender County, NC

An outdated thermostat is a common issue with homeowners in Pender County, NC. The thermostat is the brain of your heating and cooling system, so upgrading or replacing it is an important step toward better home comfort. In this article, we’ll discuss HVAC issues caused by outdated thermostats.

1. High Energy Bills

One of the most common issues homeowners with outdated thermostats experience is high energy bills. The settings of an outdated thermostat can also cause your HVAC system to temporarily turn off while the internal temperature is still warm or cool.

When the system turns back on, it runs longer than before and uses more energy. One of the simplest ways to decrease your home’s energy usage is to upgrade or replace your thermostat.

If you currently have an analog thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable one. With the right settings, these digital models can keep you comfortable without creating excess heating or cooling, which means lower energy bills.

2. Frequent System Breakdowns

Outdated thermostats are also more likely to cause frequent breakdowns with your home’s HVAC system. When a thermostat fails, it causes the system to work longer than necessary, which wears parts out faster. This can result in breakdowns, repair bills and lower home comfort.

However, your HVAC system can still work well if you consider upgrading and replacing your thermostat. Your technician will help you decide which model will provide the best performance, efficiency and reliability. That way, your system will last longer without causing many breakdowns.

3. Excessive Noise

An outdated thermostat can cause mechanical issues with your home’s HVAC system, including a loud or annoying sound. That’s because, with incorrect temperature settings, the unit will run longer to cool or heat the home. As it blows longer than usual, it makes more noticeable noises.

Our Services

If your home is experiencing these issues, contact us at Airmax Heating & Cooling today for quality HVAC services. We can help you replace your outdated thermostat and any other parts needed to keep your house comfortable.

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