4 Benefits of Energy Recovery Ventilators in Kure Beach, NC

Installing an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) in your Kure Beach, NC home is one of the most effective ways to generate fresh indoor air. By pulling stale air out and new air in, you can enjoy a steady stream of fresh air. There are several benefits of installing an energy recovery ventilator in your home.

1. Lower Energy Prices

One of the greatest benefits associated with an ERV is how it boosts your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Since these systems preheat or precool the air entering your home, your HVAC system does less work, lowering your monthly utility bills.

2. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Some ventilation systems require a lot of regular maintenance. That’s not the case with ERVs. Since they rely primarily on two fans, there isn’t a lot of required maintenance to keep everything running correctly.

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Energy recovery ventilators provide a great way to improve your indoor air quality. Keeping a steady flow of fresh air coming into your home to replace stale air reduces humidity and the number of allergens in your living space.

4. Reducing Moisture in Your Home

Maintaining optimal relative humidity indoors is not only important for the health of your household, but it also protects your home. When houses become too humid, it’s not uncommon for bacterial growth to become a problem. Additionally, homes with excessive humidity often deal with peeling wallpaper, problems with flooring and other structural issues.

In addition to improving your indoor air quality, our professionals offer a wide variety of heating and cooling services. Our team has been keeping homeowners in Kure Beach, NC comfortable for years, and we’d love to put our expertise to work for you. Contact Airmax Heating and Cooling today to find out more about all our HVAC services.

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