4 Differences in Single and Variable Speed AC in Leland, NC

Homeowners who want to beat the summertime temperatures in Leland, NC have several options available to them. The single-speed AC was the only one available for many years, but now, there are systems with variable-speed motors. While they both function the same in that they provide comfort, consider these four differences.

1. Operation Mode

The operation modes for both single-speed and variable-speed air conditioners differ. Single-speed AC systems operate based on an on/off mechanism. When the indoor temperature reaches a point that is higher than the thermostat settings, the system kicks on and runs at full speed until it achieves the desired temperature.

Variable-speed air conditioners adjust cooling output to match specified cooling needs. Because they can adjust motor speeds and do not have to run at full capacity, they can provide more consistent comfort.

2. Energy Efficiency

Because variable-speed air conditioners run at lower capacities for a longer length of time, they consume less energy. Single-speed ACs cycle on and off more frequently, and they always run at full power. This difference makes variable-speed systems a better option for helping you save on energy bills.

3. Indoor Air Quality

Variable-speed air conditioning systems provide better air quality than their single-speed counterparts. Slower cooling cycles that run for longer lengths of time allow for more removal of allergens from the air because the air passes through filters more frequently. This is especially beneficial for those who live with allergies and respiratory problems.

4. Noise Levels

Single-speed systems are noisier because they start and stop frequently and run at full power. Variable-speed ACs are quieter because they run at slower speeds, which reduces the noise you will hear when the air flows.

If you are in the market for a new AC system in Leland, NC and do not know which to choose, an HVAC technician can help you decide. Contact Airmax Heating & Cooling to discuss your AC installation options today.

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