4 Issues That Can Impact Your Commercial HVAC System

If your commercial HVAC system develops major problems, it can suffer long-term damage. If you want to keep the temperature in your commercial building comfortable throughout every season in Wrightsville Beach, NC, you must know the issues that can impact your system.

Lack of Maintenance

Lack of consistent maintenance can decrease your commercial HVAC system’s performance while it manages temperatures in various spaces. For example, dirty ducts create air quality issues, and failing components can lead to a total system breakdown.

The best way to prevent a performance problem is by scheduling commercial HVAC maintenance. During a maintenance routine, technicians will correct minor issues before they become more expensive repairs.

Clogged Filters

When a commercial HVAC system has a clogged filter, it will use a lot of energy throughout every cycle. This is a big problem because a system that works harder will break down faster.

In order to protect your system, you must check the filter every month. When you discover dirt or debris on the mesh surfaces, replace the filter. This strategy will also boost the IAQ in the building because clean filters capture more air pollutants.

Refrigerant Leak

Your commercial HVAC system will develop a refrigerant problem if you ignore or delay preventive maintenance. The biggest threat is a slow refrigerant leak, and when this happens, the commercial HVAC system will take longer to cool your building. While refrigerant is leaking, the condenser won’t function properly.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your commercial system’s thermostat controls every heating and cooling cycle. If there are temperature fluctuations in your building, the thermostat is probably causing the problem.

When you need maintenance for a commercial HVAC system, call Airmax Heating & Cooling. We fix fan belts, stop refrigerant leaks, restore power to equipment, replace defective compressors and stop drainage problems.

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