5 Cost-Free Hacks to Stay Cool in Your Wilmington Home This Summer

Long sunny days make summer the season that most people look forward to all year. It’s even more enjoyable when you’ve got a great air conditioning system to help you stay cool and comfortable in your Wilmington, NC, home. The higher utility bills that occur when you run the AC all day long are another matter. These five cost-free hacks will help your AC system operate more efficiently, so you can stay cool without breaking the bank.

Fine-Tune the Thermostat

Before you go to bed or leave home for the day, raise the temperature setting on your thermostat 10 degrees. Getting into the habit of adjusting your thermostat could cut your cooling costs by 10 percent.

Work the Windows

Solar radiation forces your air conditioner to cycle on more frequently. Close blinds, shades and drapes in the morning before the sun hits the windows. In the evening, open the windows to let the cool air indoors.

Run the Fans

Set ceiling fans in the counter-clockwise direction in summer. The airflow will allow you to raise the thermostat setting 4 degrees with no loss in comfort. In the kitchen and bathroom, use fans to exhaust heat and humidity.

Get Cooking

On a sweltering hot day, the last thing you want to do is heat the oven. Use the stovetop or grill outside instead. Double up recipes so that you can serve one dish immediately and reheat another in your microwave later in the week.

Keep It Clear

Move lamps and electronics away from the thermostat. Heat-generating fixtures cause your AC to run longer than necessary. Vacuum vents and registers to improve airflow, and keep them clear of rugs or furnishings.

Finally, remember that you stay cool when your AC equipment receives regular tune-ups from a professional air conditioning contractor. A maintenance plan from Airmax Heating & Cooling can pay for itself through improved efficiency and performance. To learn more, explore our air conditioning services or call (910) 795-4359.

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