Does the Size of My Heat Pump Really Matter?

In addition to being a reliable source of heat for your home in Carolina Beach, NC, a heat pump is also extremely energy efficient. However, choosing the correct size when installing one is vital. An undersized or oversized heat pump will not operate efficiently and could cost you more over time.


An oversized system will cause it to short-cycle – which means it will turn on and off frequently and run at a reduced capacity. While it will run more frequently, it will turn off before all of the rooms in the house are heated or cooled properly. You’ll have uneven temperatures throughout the house and during the summer the system will not run long enough to reduce humidity, leaving you cool, but clammy.


Under-sizing a heat pump can be just as problematic as over-sizing. However, it is much less common. An undersized system will not be able to provide enough heat to the home when it’s cold outside, and it will stay on longer trying to cool your home during the summer months. This leads to reduced efficiency, as the unit will have to work longer to keep heat levels (or AC in the summer) consistent inside the home, and will increase your energy costs.

How To Determine Your Heat Pump Size

When it’s time to choose the correct pump size, one of our technicians will perform a load calculation, and make several recommendations. Their calculations take into account the number of windows in the home, the level of insulation, landscape that may provide shade, and a variety of additional factors.

Are you looking for a reliable certified local HVAC service provider? Contact Airmax Heating & Cooling for quality, timely and affordable heat pump services in and around Carolina Beach, NC.

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