Don’t Let These Common Spring AC Issues Surprise You

Surprise HVAC failure is something you don’t want to experience during the spring. You can always avoid sudden HVAC problems with routine maintenance and servicing. Here are common springtime AC issues that you could prevent in your Wilmington, NC, house.

Leaky Ducts

The HVAC air ducts carry away the heat and deliver conditioned air into your indoor space. Reasons for leaking air ducts include rodent infestation and poor installation. Cracks are also notably common for dirty and old air ducts.

Leaky ducts create airflow problems, affecting the overall HVAC performance. Additionally, cracks in the air ducts force the air conditioner to work more, increasing the cost of your electric bills.

Dirty Filters

Homeowners often neglect professional maintenance of the HVAC air filters. Clogged air filters result in several HVAC problems, including frosty evaporator coils. Dirty filters also cause faster deterioration and aging of the HVAC components.

Installing new air filters during springtime promotes smooth air circulation, creating a more comfortable house. Clean filters also contribute to enhancing the operational life of your HVAC system.

Refrigerant Leaks

The HVAC refrigerant is a special substance that eliminates the warm air from your house. Leaks and holes in the refrigerant lines cause a substantial decline in your system’s refrigerant levels. Refrigerant leaks could gradually destroy your entire HVAC system, especially when multiple leaks develop.

In-depth HVAC knowledge and training are inherently vital to fix refrigerant leaks. An HVAC specialist performs an extensive inspection to find and seal possible leaks.

Fan Malfunction

Proper running of the HVAC fans is necessary to ensure smooth airflow. Failure of the HVAC fans affects the air quality, creating a less comfortable atmosphere.

Reasons for fan failure include dirt collection, worn-out belts and poor lubrication. If the HVAC fan motor develops malfunctions, the fans also stop working. Professional maintenance on the HVAC fans will help to prevent possible fan failure.

Contact Airmax Heating & Cooling for help with your AC issues. We specialize in exceptional AC installation and maintenance services. We provide preventive maintenance plans to keep your house cool throughout the warm months.

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