How Long Do Heat Pumps in Wilmington, NC Last?

Heat pump like all machines can’t last forever. However, taking good care of your system in Wilmington, NC can extend its life. Below, we will discuss how long heat pumps last and how to extend their lifespans.

A Heat Pump’s Lifespan

ENERGY STAR recommends buying a heat pump every 10 years, but this does not mean your heat pump will stop working after that length of time. In fact, it will continue working, but the efficiency will be reduced. Here are some things you can do to extend your heat pump’s lifespan.

Schedule Maintenance Services

Some homeowners buy a heat pump and forget about it. They only schedule an appointment with a technician when it breaks down. Like your car, though, a heat pump needs regular tune-ups to maintain efficient operation.

A maintenance service involves cleaning your heat pump components, replacing worn-out parts, fixing any leaks and lubricating moving components. Maintenance services enable your heat pump to continue high levels of indoor comfort, break down less often and use energy efficiently. This helps to save your energy and repair costs.

Engage Certified Technicians

When your heat pump breaks down, you may want to look up some tutorials online and repair it. You may also have a knowledgeable friend or neighbor, who claims to know a thing or two about heat pumps, fix it. However, both of these decisions are not a good idea for your heat pump.

A heat pump has multiple complex components, meaning you need specialized training to handle these components. You also need unique tools and equipment for the job. Therefore, always leave heat pump repairs to professionals to avoid damaging it.

Change Your Air Filter

A clogged air filter restricts air from flowing into your heat pump. This causes your heat pump to overwork, thus increasing the strain on its parts. Consider changing your air filter often to prevent your heat pump from overworking.

Contact Airmax Heating & Cooling for professional heat pump services. Our satisfaction comes from solving HVAC issues to keep our clients comfortable.

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