How to Manage Your Wilmington Home’s Humidity Levels

When it comes to staying comfortable indoors during the summer, managing humidity is as important as maintaining a cool temperature. High humidity levels also pose health dangers. From dust mites to mold and bacteria, biological pollutants thrive in a moist environment, impacting indoor air quality. The following strategies help keep relative humidity levels (RH) between 30 and 50 percent in your Wilmington, NC, home.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up

A well-functioning air conditioner is your first defense against high humidity. Your cooling system works by using the cycle of refrigeration to pull heat from the air. Because warm air holds more water vapor than cool air, it extracts moisture during the process as well. The dehumidification capabilities of your air conditioner depend on proper operation. Our maintenance plans ensure that your system gets the regular care it needs to keep you cool and dry.

Keep Moisture at Bay

When the weather is excessively humid, the natural process of evaporation slows. Something as innocuous as a wet towel or an over-watered house plant can worsen the problem. These simple tips help lower humidity levels:

  • Instead of using your dryer, dry damp clothing and linens on an outside line.
  • Repair persistent plumbing problems like leaky showerheads or dripping faucets.
  • Keep your bathroom and kitchen fans running when you cook or take a shower.

Dehumidify Your Home

Engineered to work with central AC systems, whole-house dehumidifiers keep every room in your home at the optimal humidity level. As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, Airmax Heating & Cooling offers the best of the bunch. The Envirowise Ventilating Dehumidifier improves air quality by bringing pre-filtered fresh air into your home. At the flip of a switch, it removes moisture from inside air too. It’s a great way to save money on cooling costs and breathe cleaner, healthier air.

From dehumidifiers to ventilators and air purification systems, Airmax Heating & Cooling offers a wide range of indoor air quality solutions. For more tips and strategies on how to keep air quality healthy, call us today at 910-795-4359.

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