5 Reasons You Should Buy an Energy-Efficient HVAC System

Energy-efficient HVAC systems use a minimum of energy to deliver maximum comfort. These systems boast a variety of features that save money and take HVAC performance to the next level. Read on to learn why you should consider purchasing an energy-efficient HVAC system for your Wilmington, NC home:

1. Lower Utility Bills

SEER values reflect the efficiency of an air conditioner or heat pump. Systems manufactured today go up to 25 SEER and must have a minimum SEER of 13. If you select a 13 SEER unit, it will still be more efficient than the one you have now. Older air conditioners typically have SEERs of only eight or nine.

Furnace efficiency is determined by the unit’s AFUE. Modern furnaces have AFUEs between 93 and 98 percent. Ninety-eight percent of the fuel that’s burned is used to heat your home. Older furnaces have AFUEs of only 65 percent. Thirty-five percent of the heat energy goes out the flue pipe.

2. Greater Indoor Comfort

Energy-efficient HVAC systems eliminate hot and cold spots and ensure that treated air is distributed evenly throughout your home. These systems also offer excellent humidity control.

3. Improved Airflow

Variable speed motors keep airflow at an optimal level. With a high-efficiency HVAC system, optimal airflow allows for better indoor air quality too.

4. High-tech Options

Options like Wi-Fi thermostats let you precisely manage conditions in your home remotely. Programmable thermostats let you tell your system the temperature you want it to maintain and for how long.

5. Financial Incentives

Wilmington homeowners who upgrade may qualify for financial incentives. Special offers, rebates and loans are available from HVAC dealers, manufacturers and utility companies. Energy-efficient incentives are also available from local, state and federal governments.

Airmax Heating & Cooling specializes in energy-efficient HVAC upgrades. Give us a call today to schedule a free HVAC installation consultation with one of our experienced indoor comfort experts.

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