What to Know About Whole-Home Air Purifiers in Wilmington, NC

Air pollution is not just outside; unfortunately, it comes into your Wilmington, NC, home as well. You may face excess dust, dirt and even some microorganisms unless you have proper solutions in place such as an air purifier. Whole-home air purifiers can protect your home from the pollutants and allergens that invade your home.

How Do They Work?

Whole-home air purifiers work in tandem with the duct system of your air conditioner. The purifier will filter out any pollutants that may come through the unit as air is circulating. It can trap microbes, dust, dirt and much more to make the air easier to breathe in your home.

What Are the Types?

There are several types of whole-home air purifiers available. The most basic type is an air filtration system. You change the filters once a month, and some also have an electrostatic charge to trap more.

There are also electronic filters available that are more high-tech. Pollutants receive an electrical charge from the voltage sent to them. A magnetized system will have the opposite charge to pull the pollutants towards it.

Some air purifiers utilize carbon filtering. These allow chemicals to bond to the air purifier, removing toxins and other harmful odors from your home. Some filters are hybrids that utilize two techniques to filter air.

Health Benefits

You will breathe easier knowing that you have cleaner air circulating throughout your home through fewer allergens and pollutants. You may even find that there are fewer toxins in your home that could lead to cancer-causing agents or other diseases. You will also find that your home will be much cleaner throughout, causing less stress on you and your loved ones.

A whole-home air purifier assists asthmatics in breathing easier and can alleviate symptoms of respiratory illnesses. If you have pets in the home, the purifier can help keep floating dander and hair from aggravating allergies.

Contact Airmax Heating & Cooling when you are ready to install a whole-home air purifier in your home. We will explain the benefits you will enjoy once your air is cleaner and less polluted. You will feel healthier, cleaner and will breathe easier after we install an air purifier in your home.

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