Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Hot Air in Cooling Mode?

It can be frustrating when you notice your heat pump isn’t providing the heat required to keep you comfort during chilly winters. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that homeowners face. Here are some reasons why your heat pump is blowing hot air when it’s in cooling mode in your home in Hampstead, NC.

Erroneous Settings

The first and most common mistake is that someone has erroneously set your thermostat to heat or fan-only mode. When this happens, you should check the thermostat display to ensure that the correct mode is on. Alternatively, a broken thermostat can lead to erroneous temperature readings, leading to heating instead of cooling.

Clogged Air Filter

Clogged air filters will slow the flow of air into or out of the system. The HVAC system will cool the air as required but not circulate through your ductwork and into your respective rooms. This will cause the rooms to stay warm even when the heat pump is in cooling mode.

Regular maintenance can help address this issue. If it persists, consult a professional HVAC repair and maintenance expert to assess your entire system. A dirty filter will compromise the indoor air quality in your residential or commercial property.

Reduced Refrigerant Level in the Heat Pump System

Insufficient refrigerant in an HVAC system is among the most common causes of a heat pump failing to cool when in cooling mode. This could be due to a leak of refrigerant in the system. The refrigerant is responsible for carrying the heat out of the system, which then allows the cooling process to take place.

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